All City Sawing & Drilling is one of only a few companies in Victoria with Wire Sawing capability.

Wire sawing is a technique that originated in quarries to extract stone, and is able to cut concrete of almost any thickness. If you have a job that requires deep cut sawing with limitless depth, the Wire Saw is what you need for your project.

The Wire Saw consists of a strand of diamond beads strung on a cable, which spins when pulled through concrete, stone, steel or any other material. Great for cutting heavily reinforced concrete found in thick concrete structures, bridges & dams.
Wire Saws create very little noise, dust or vibration, making them perfect for use on delicate structures and work on occupied structures.

Wire Saws are used for:

  • Heavily reinforced concrete structures
  • Cutting concrete of any thickness
  • Delicate cutting
  • Where minimal noise, dust and vibration is a requirement