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Jobs big or small, All City cuts them all

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All City Sawing and Drilling offer a wide variety of concrete cutting, drilling and sawing services. We are code compliant meeting all the industry’s stringent safety requirements. At All City Sawing and Drilling we are always updating our work practices through training and new technology.

We are:

  • Fully Insured
  • State and Federally code compliant
  • Concrete Cutting Industry Association Member

Operating throughout Australia, 365 days a year, All City Sawing and Drilling is an industry leader.

We offer many more services, so don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Although we are based in Melbourne, our services are available Australia wide.

Concrete Wire Sawing

All City Sawing & Drilling is one of only a few companies in Victoria with Wire Sawing capability. Wire sawing is a technique that originated in quarries to extract stone, and is able to cut concrete of almost any thickness. If you have a job that requires deep...

Concrete Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing operates with a hydraulic powered cutting head mounted on a metal track firmly bolted to a wall, floor or roof, and can be employed for both vertical and horizontal cuts in steel, masonry or reinforced concrete. A Wall Saw uses a diamond blade, and will...

Concrete Ring Sawing

All City Sawing & Drilling operate a number of Hydraulic Ring Saws powered by either petrol or 3 phase power pack. Ring Sawing is commonly used in conjunction with a Hand Saw, to achieve a cut depth of up to 270mm. A Ring Saw is a hand held hydraulic saw that is...

Road / Floor Sawing

Road Saws are the work horse of the concrete cutting industry.Road sawing is one of the most cost effective and fastest cutting procedures available. They are used for demolition of concrete slabs, asphalt and concrete road cutting, factory floors or driveways. They...

Concrete Hand Sawing

Hand Sawing is used on floor or wall cutting at a nominal depth of 150mm, its portability, speed and accessibility makes the Hand Saw ideally suited where there is limited access for larger sawing machinery. Commonly used for demolition or cutting wall and doorway...

Concrete Core Drilling

Core Drilling machines drill holes from 8m to 1000mm in diameter, both vertically or horizontally, where precise circular cuts are needed. This process leaves smooth circular holes, typically used for electrical cable or piping. We use diamond core drill bits blades...

Concrete Bursting

Concrete Bursting is a noise-free, versatile and effective method of demolition. Bursting is typically used for cracking deep sections of concrete where conventional breaking techniques would be difficult and time consuming. Concrete bursting is also an ideal method...